The Blake Harte

Mysteries Book 4

By Robert Innes

ByJan-Hendrik Blank

I am really fond of crime and thriller books and when I read the first novel by the new author Robert Innes, after I got the recommenation by the gay romance author Ashley John, I was hooked. The fourth book in the series deals with Detective Seargant Blake Harte’s past: a criminal he brought into prison is threaten him and Blake has every reason to worry about it.

From the first to the last page the whole book is a mix of suspense and great character development. Though events from the last three books are mentioned and the relationships between the character are clear and evolving, you can read the book as a stand alone. You get the necessary information about everything. What I really love about the book is the way how Robert Innes is able to create the suspense. For a long time you suspect somebody different behind the murder, the culprit is a surprise at the end.

What I also enjoyed was the way how the different relationships in the crime department is getting its attention and the cliffhanger at the end of the book gives a preview of what will follow… Nothing good it seems.

The writing is light, but full of suspence and thrill. The dialogues flow naturally, the culprits are displayed in a really creative way, the murder from Blake’s past is quite intimidating and the way the surroundings are described give you the right scenery. All I can say: job well done.

I am eager to read the next book, the character Blake has really capured my heart but also the other lovely character. Can’t wait to read more of their daily lives and the wel-meant banter. 🙂

5 out of 5 stars for this. The cover is amazing and captures the thrill of the book on a really basic way.

THe blake harte mysteries




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Seven years ago Thomas Frost was arrested for the murders of five women in the Manchester area and Detective Sergeant Blake Harte was the officer in charge of his arrest, saving the life of Kerry Nightingale in the process. Now, Frost has promised that Kerry was never safe and she’ll be dead within a few days.

Sure enough, somehow, Kerry is found dead in her top floor apartment – a place that was being guarded by Blake and the apartment’s security. How is it possible for Kerry to have been murdered in her apartment when nobody could have gotten in or out?

Did Thomas Frost somehow manage to murder Kerry from his prison cell? Who else could want to see her dead quite as much? As Blake and the team attempt to stop a killer who is seemingly capable of anything, he could never imagine that for somebody else in Harmschapel, time is also ticking…

What Our Customers are Saying

“Another great mystery solved by our favourite Blake. This on was even tricker to work out, I was completely flummoxed as to who did it. Looking forward to the next.”


“Loved this book! It’s the 4th in the Blake Harte series, but can 100% be read as a standalone. An old foe of Blake’s comes back to haunt him, and another impossible crime happens soon. Robert Innes is great at creating crimes that you never figure out, and this was no exception! Can’t wait for the next book.”

Book Lover Mum 83

“I’ve enjoyed the previous three, but this one was let down simply by the fact of some bad editing (Kerry’s age change from ‘nearly fifty’ to 35 being one of them), and the fact the murderer was really obvious. Good but could have been better.”

Mrs P

“Well done Mr Innes, another great story, enjoyed every single chapter, with a shock ending, will it be good for Blake or Gardiner!!!.”

Carol Walter

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